March 02, 2019 4 min read

Hey Kickstarters, 

about two weeks ago the campaign has ended and we want to give you some insights on what has been happening so far and what the timeline is, until you receive THE BRICK. 

Product Improvements:

USB-C port:As mentioned in the last update, we've had some concerns with the gap at the USB-C port. In the meantime, we could do a redesign of the electronics and mechanical body, so the port is shifted. The result is that there is almost no gap anymore, which we think is really important at this level of design. Many of you have also pointed out how crucial this is to many of you.

Electronics:As the qi-charging technology is so new that almost every week there are changes in the market of available components, we decided to integrate most recent technology. (As we needed to redesign the board anyway)
With the number of backers that supported our campaign and so many pre-orders, we were able to select an even better microcontroller than planned that we will now integrate into the electronics.
As you can see in the image below (new version left, old version to the right), we were able to opt for an even higher quality design. 

Changes in mechanical design:The new components have different dimensions than the ones in our previous iterations. As the chips are partially taller and the fit of the mechanical design is specifically adapted to the electronics, we did a small redesign of the inside of the metals part to ensure a perfect fit. 

Polished versions:Polished surfaces look great. They show the pure material and provide a mirror-like finish. The downside is that the material is "naked". This means they have no protection from oxidation which is a normal process when exposed to oxygen. Oxidation itself is not bad in general but the materials change color and the polished look fades. To prevent this, we coat the polished versions with an ultra-thin clear coating that is barely noticeable. It ensures a durable and great looking polished finish. 

Survey: Why are we taaaking soooooo loooooong?! you must be asking yourself. We can tell you this: we are not chilling and certainly not planning a big vacation.  ;-)
So here is what's happing: We are using backerkit for the surveys. This survey tool is specifically designed to capture your addresses and pledge wishes. It also lets you add additional products during checkout. So why don't we just send it out then? - The payment of some backers ~4% has bounced which means the credit card could not be charged. As some have contacted us and told us that they were on vacation and didn't notice the mails from Kickstarter alerting them about this issue, we definitely want to give these backers the chance to recover their pledge and discount. The whole payment process from charging the credit card, transferring these to Kickstarter and then sending them to us simply took two weeks. It is therefore recommended to wait at least the full 2 weeks until sending out the survey. 
The second reason is that capturing engraving wishes with backerkits survey tool is not that easy with the constellation we offered. (Some pledge levels with free engraving included, some without but optional engraving) We, therefore, decided to do this with an external form that has detailed instructions. All backers with engraving options will receive this form in the next weeks.
Those backers who have free engraving included in their pledge don't need to add engraving for the number of THE BRICKs included in their pledge. 

Timing:As we have made a few changes, to improve the quality of THE BRICK and deliver an even better product, we're expecting to delay shipment. We know how frustrating this is, especially if you planned to give it as a Christmas present. We are relying on many external partners and underestimated the complexity and potential of delays. We were used to having everything in our hands. The tight schedule of ending the campaign and shipping in December, unfortunately, was calculated too tight. Our fault and we sincerely apologize. We currently expect shipment (now with a buffer added to our time calculation) by March 2019. As promised, we want to be honest and open to our backers and hope for your understanding. 

Extra:For those of you who plan to give it for Christmas, we designed a gift card in a few designs which we hope you and your beloved one will like. Simply print it out and fold it according to the video below. You can download it HERE until Christmas.

The surveys are now all set and are being reviewed by the backerkit team. The way this works is that 5% of the backers will receive the survey first, we will then make sure to check everything and if all is good, the rest of you will receive the survey. Everyone should receive their survey by the end of this week! 

We owe you a truly great product and believe us that is the highest priority. Without you, this product wouldn't be a reality and we remember this every day. :-)