March 02, 2019 2 min read

You are one of the 1,119 backers and together we successfully funded THE BRICK. We want to say Thank you!


We would like to hear your feedback regarding the packaging design. We have produced several samples to test look and fit. It is a very high quality and rigid packaging that makes THE BRICK the perfect gift. 
It features partial UV printing and metal foil stamping to give THE BRICK the packaging it deserves. What do you think?

Product Improvements:

As you can see in the image below the USB-C does not plug in all the way. This is to ensure that all USB-C plugs and designs work with THE BRICK. However, we could reduce this gap a bit further to ensure functionality and improve looks. 


We have gone through the third iteration of electronics by now to ensure stability of the charging process. Our main requirements are: 

Safety - We integrated many safety features into THE BRICK like FOD (Foreign Object Detection), Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection and a Temperature Sensor.

Efficient Charging - By opting for high quality when selecting parts like the charging coil, we can provide a high charging efficiency, thus minimizing the temperature build-up. 

Stable Charging - We moved the charging coil close to the surface of the charger so you can charge your phone even through a phone case (up to 3MM in thickness and not made of metal). 

Current status:

You will receive a survey (probably by the end of next week) in which you can enter your shipping address, the version of THE BRICK, the engraving and the wall plug you would like to receive. The surveys will be sent by backerkit, so make sure they don't end up in your spam folder. We will update you when the surveys are sent.

A batch of the latest iteration of the electronics has been manufactured for testing. Also are we in the process of product certification like FCC and CE. As this is our first experience with FCC certification (which is required for products sold to the U.S.) we currently rely on our experienced certification partner. However, this bears the chance of delaying shipment.

We want to emphasize that delivering a quality product is the number one priority for us. Many of you have contacted us and told us about your excitement about the product. Believe us, we are just as excited as you are. Especially since we already have a few working sample products in our hands, we can't wait to start production and ship the product. All of you deserve a product that you will truly love. We, therefore, will not compromise in quality and test the product until we think we're able to deliver a robust product. 

We will keep you updated as things move forward. :-)