July 10, 2018 1 min read

While the idea of taking care of plants can be a daunting task, plants make any office space come to life instantly! Natural greenery has helped elevate the ambiance in our office and if you don’t think you have the “green thumb” that’s okay, we are by no means experts; however, we put together a couple of our own house favourites and you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your office.

When we came across succulents, we were glad to hear they are great for plant beginners and they do not require a lot of water. However, make sure you do give them a lot of sunlight. A couple of succulents have the power to decorate any small space, they are the perfect accent for your desk or window!

Our favourite part of the day: lunch break. And nothing screams freshness as some of our fresh herbs in the kitchen. Some of our favorites include: basil, mint and parsley. They are easy to take care of and great to use in the kitchen when preparing a succulent lunch.

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And last but not least,

Boston Ferns
Our beloved Boston Fern is suitable for any office with an open patio or terrace. The graceful green and drooping fronds are naturally cut in a way that hang out of the basket and makes them look effortlessly beautiful. 
Be aware and expect rapid growth!

What plants are your favourite?