June 29, 2018 2 min read

Not too long ago, we came across an article that read “The World Loves ‘Made In Germany’” and we took a moment to digest what this really meant. While the majority of products have the MADE IN CHINA tag, how often do you read: “Made in Germany”?

We currently live in a culture where instant gratification is everything. In creative industries like ours, it is common to shift among different fields of specialization. However, our mission has always been the same: love what you do. And this is exactly how we go to work every day.


When we first started balolo, we weren’t certain on how to get started but thanks to the help and support from friends and family, we hit the ground running and bought our first CNC machine and started making our first iPhone covers. Later, we moved on to speakers and now we are currently working on a big project that will push our borders even further. (More details coming soon!)

When someone approaches us, they recognize our products not only because they are famous, but because they value the hardship that is put into every cover. And while, yes, it’s produced in Germany, we knew we wanted to deliver a product far from standard; we wanted to stand out and this is us telling our story to you. We want to continue promoting our products and improve ourselves year by year and teach our entrepreneurial experience from every worldview perspective.

It’s exciting to see that after six years of work, we continue to produce high quality balolo wood covers. It makes us pretty happy when our customers tag us and let us know how satisfied they are with our products. Although, there are still people that don’t know our products yet, it challenges us to reach them out!

So, what does it mean to have the "Made in Germany" label? Quality production isn’t location specific. While yes, it could cost us less to produce in China, we found everything we need within our geographical region. We love being able to check the quality of our products from home and of course continually develop and improve upon our original designs.

I’ve always had an eye for detail, and when Simon came along, it completely changed the game- this guy is a detail hawk. Wrong colors, broken covers, etc do not stand a chance against him, he’s focused on high end and finer details in and day out.

I’m humbled to work alongside a team that is driven to continuously explore the approaches of design, marketing and corresponding tasks; our continuous learning process is what drives us forward.

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