July 11, 2018 3 min read

When we moved balolo into the new central Cologne office this year, we knew we wanted the office space to reflect the friendly vibe of the site. However, we were not very certain where or how to start. So we brought our interior designer minds together and brought our office space to life. Our Hennef office was known for having a cool aesthetic but we wanted to transform our current space into something a little bit more relaxed.

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Here’s how we did it.

Decorating the new office in Cologne.
Balolo is located in a beautiful and modern building in the south part of the city of Cologne, also known as ‘Südstadt’. It features a gorgeous patio, the perfect amount of natural light and glossy hardwood floors.

When we first arrived, the walls were spotted and dull. We brightened them up by painting them white and adding some furniture to the lounge area as well as a white sideboard that displays some of our beloved products. Then, we hung our team members pictures up on the wall and it gave our office immediate personality.

balolo, woodwork, wood covers, office space, renovation

Below are some of our tips when redecorating your office space, whether it's in the city, south of France or treehouse, we believe these tips are the ones that will help you just as much they helped us!

Invest in quality furniture
People, please. Do not settle for ugly. While there’s a believe ugly furniture is the most comfy, IT IS NOT TRUE! We researched and found our beautiful black faux leather couch on eBaykleinanzeige and it provides great and comfortable support. 

And we got what we paid for.
After a long day of work, we love to sit on it and have a round of FIFA while our bums rest. And not only does it look good, but it’s is beyond comfortable to sit on. (Did we say that already)

Wood Work
While steel, metallics and glass are great materials to decorate with, they all lack something: the warmness of wood. We added a wooden desk table to give our office space a more personalized and inviting, homey feel. Additionally, we included our favorites products covered in balolo covers and they look great on our sideboard. Adding wood to any space will make the environment feel much cosier.

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Serving Up Greens
Adding any sort of plant to your office will bring your space to life, literally! It’s not only another way to bring more fresh air to your lungs, but it will add a whole level of texture to your office. If you haven’t seen it already, we wrote about our favorite office plants last week. Just make sure you are choosing the right plant for your office, the person working at the nursery will tell you which plants will survive in your office.

Add Your Own Personalized Touch

To make sure our office didn’t look like something we saw on Pinterest, we added pictures on the wall and it made our space stand out. Add something of your decor preference to your office space, it could be your favorite books, or a small box that you have been eyeing for a while or a small gadget.

New team members for the Cologne officeAre you decorating your current office space? How is it going so far? Write us an email and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with new updates!