März 02, 2019 2 min read

Dear Kickstarters

we hope you had a wonderful Christmas time and had a great start into the New Year. We've been working hard to finalize every detail of THE BRICK and are excited to give you an update about the current status. 

Backerkit Survey:

92% of all backers have answered the Backerkit survey already. That's great! For the 8% of you who haven't, please make sure to answer it as the deadline has already passed. 

Product Improvements:

Metal Body

We have finalized the tone of the space gray. As anodization, which is the surface treatment process, doesn't just work by selecting a color, we had to go through a series of samples and testing. We think to have a great tone now that perfectly matches other accessories and complements the wooden top. You can see the progress from left to right. 1. Version Space Gray (almost silver), 2. Version Space Gray (greenish) 3. and Final Version (Crisp Space Gray)


We have gone through another iteration of samples and were able to do some more testing in everyday situations and with a variety of phones. The results were very good and measurements showed that THE BRICK charges phones at great speeds. 


We want to ship a great working and safe product to you. Therefore safety certificates will be applied to THE BRICK. Certification is by far the most challenging process at the very moment. These are accredited by testing labs. The certification processes take between 20-30 days, if all goes smooth and no changes need to applied to the design. We are currently in the process of starting the certification. As we made some minor changes in the housing design, we had to wait with the certification process. The reason is that after the certification is applied no changes can be applied to the design anymore, or the certification needs to be redone. Due to regional holidays, our suppliers will be closed until the 20th of February. We have already considered these holidays but planned to start certification before the holidays. Due to the changes we applied to the design of the port (so there is no gap when plugging in the cable), we weren't able to hit that target. The start of the mass production will be possible, once the certification process is finished and the design is confirmed.

Quality Management & Change of Supplier

As THE BRICK is our first product that we don't manufacture by ourselves completely, we had to come up with a reliable quality management. We therefore are working together with a local quality management team that is experienced with product manufacturing and also successfully helped producing a couple of other kickstarter campaigns. In this process, we also switched to another supplier for the wooden top parts. The current samples we have in our hands look great and have a great feel to it. 

Thank you for your patience all along. We're so excited to see this product coming to life, day by day. As things move forward we will keep you updated by the end of each month. :-)