März 02, 2019 2 min read

Dear kickstarters, 

we are happy to present you with our next update. 

As mentioned in the last update, the local holidays at our manufacturers place lasted roughly 3 weeks. However, we were able to finalize some key steps, like the start of certification and a more precise timeline until shipment. 

 We have started the certification process more than a week ago. We will apply two more certificates for THE BRICK. These certifications have already started as well. We were able to settle with two reliable partners that have done various certifications for wireless chargers and other electronic products. We estimate the certification process for the last remaining certificates to take max. 35 days.

Efforts to reduce time to shipment:
 Shipping via train instead of sea
 The easiest and cheapest way of shipping goods internationally from the manufacturer to us, is shipping them by sea. Yes it is cheap, but it also takes a long time (4-8 weeks). Another way of shipping is moving goods via train. This takes between 2-3 weeks and is much more expensive. However as we have faced some delays, we will spend the extra buck for train shipping and cover the costs.

 01.03.:  Start of last certifications
 - 35 days -
 06.04.: Start of mass production
 - 30 days -
 11.05.: Finished production
 - 3 days -
 14.05.: Finished quality control
 - 3 days -
 17.05.: Shipping via train
 - 25 days -
 10.06.: Arrival of goods
 - 2 days -
 12.06.: Shipping of goods with local partners to our backers
(For the engraved versions, we expect to take 7 additional days for completion.)


  As some backers recovered their pledge with backerkit, they can access updates on kickstarter. We therefore will post all updates on our website as well. https://www.balolo.de/blogs/kickstarter-updates

We don't want to keep on pushing timelines. We therefore provide a careful and realistic estimation. Yes, this is a big delay. And yes, we certainly did not plan to deliver with such a delay. But we promised you to be transparent with the project. We're working everyday to deliver a product you will truly love.