März 31, 2019 1 min read

Dear kickstarters, 

we are happy to present you with our next update for March. 


As mentioned in the last update and as shown in the timeline, the last weeks have been dedicated to the certification. We experienced some challenges during the certification but because the timeline was planned with caution, we are optimistic to finish all certificates within the upcoming week to move forward to mass production. 

Address changes:

Backers who want to change their shipping address due to relocation or whatever reason can do this easily in backerkit. Therefore simply use this link: https://the-brick.backerkit.com/


 06.04.: Start of mass production
     - 30 days -
     11.05.: Finished production
     - 3 days -
     14.05.: Finished quality control
     - 3 days -
     17.05.: Shipping via train
     - 25 days -
     10.06.: Arrival of goods
     - 2 days -
     12.06.: Shipping of goods with local partners to our backers
    (For the engraved versions, we expect to take 7 additional days for completion.)

Thank you so much for your patience and your support. The next update will be coming by the end of April to keep you informed all along the way.