TriPod Stand for Apple HomePod Mini

Designed to elevate your sound.  

The upgrade for your HomePod mini you've been waiting for.

  • The balolo®  TriPod is more than just a stand for your HomePod Mini. It’s a true two-in-one talent for every desk: It enables an advanced sound experience for your HomePod mini as well as a higher protection for every surface underneath. On top of that, your decision for the TriPod by balolo means welcoming a cleverly thought out eyecatcher to your desk setup.

  • ✔ Made in Germany

    ✔ 100% Real American Walnut/Oak Wood

    ✔ 1,5mm (0.06") powder coated steel

    ✔ 42mm (1.7") height in total, elevates your HomePod Mini by 30mm (1.2")

    ✔ Raised position supports 360 degree sound experience

    ✔ Hand finished with natural oils and waxes

    ✔ Anti-Vibrations cork pads

    In stock! Ships in 1 - 3 days.



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