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Corporate Gifting

Occasions like Christmas or anniversaries come sooner than you think. That's why now is the right time to think about an employee gift that really impresses - so that you don't have to go for the classic bottle of wine once again.


Products that combine design and productivity

When choosing corporate or promotional gifts, it doesn't always have to be just the ballpoint pen, jute bag or USB stick. Corporate gifting can also create real added value that the recipient will permanently integrate into his or her everyday life.

The choice of the corporate gift can reflect both the values of one's own company and the level of appreciation towards the employee. The decision on the type of gift consequently determines the type of bond that one builds or strengthens with customers and employees as a result. Thus, everyone can ask themselves the question whether they want to be satisfied with a personalized notepad.


Giving sustainable and lasting pleasure



Balolo turns the next corporate gift into a true eye-catcher for any desk setup.
Whether for the office or for the home office - with the high-quality wooden products, modern technology gadgets can be upgraded functionally and visually. This way, the choice of the next employee gift for colleagues or the employer does not have to be left to chance.


Consciously giving 

Environmental protection and zero waste doesn't have to stop at gift giving. Our wood products are all Made in Germany and are based on renewable raw materials from regional processing in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The wood is treated with natural oils and waxes for refinement and is thus characterized by long-lasting and sustainable quality. 


Personalize with your brand logo and show presence

After consultation, individual products, such as our SETUP COCKPIT Monitor Stand, can individually be personalized. State-of-the-art laser engraving technology is used to achieve precise results and perpetuate e.g. company logos. Because only those who present their brand in the field of vision of the people will be remembered.


Equip workplaces properly and create flexibility



Experience has shown that the right equipment for workplaces makes a significant contribution to well-being and productivity. Especially in the organization of co-working spaces, there are often no longer fixed space allocations. Forms of organization such as 'Desk-Sharing' or 'Hot Desking' are intended to increase efficiency, flexibility as needed, and often cost savings. 


When it comes to the question of designing workstations to meet needs, the aspects of changeability and structure are indispensable. Depending on the occupational group, the need for flexibility can often be so high that a monitor, keyboard and computer mouse are simply no longer enough. Be it lawyers, architects or creative professionals in the media industry, such as editors or music producers - different requirements need individually and optimally adapted workspaces.


Structure for an improved Workflow



Especially now, when companies send their employees head over heels into the home office, ergonomics is indispensable. When it comes to office equipment, value should be placed on the purchase of a qualitative monitor stand. Not only does increasing the field of vision pave the way to an optimal and ergonomic workplace - the balolo SETUP COCKPIT Monitor Stand is as changeable as the tasks that arise every day, thanks to its modularity.
With the Large Version enough space is created for two monitors and with the addition of the Laptop Riser, the workflow can be complemented with an additional Laptop. Yet, also the small SETUP COCKPIT can, with room for one monitor, become a real space miracle. The Phone Stand additionally ensures accessibility and free hands whenever it matters.



Modular Accessories can be attached directly to the monitor stand and rearranged as often as required - Thanks to the utility patented Mounting Grid on the underside. Thus, laptop, smartphone, headphones and Co. can be attached directly to the monitor stand in a space-saving and needs-oriented manner.

A smart monitor elevator aimed at freeing the desk from numerous device holders and stands to optimize processes.

The SETUP COCKPIT as well as our other products can be purchased for office equipment in appropriate quantities at attractive conditions.


You can send us requests for the above purposes using the contact form below.