Get the absolute overview with the new Tablet Holder

BALOLO, Tablet Holder, Ipad Holder, Tablet, iPad, Microsoft Surface, Monitor Stand

Whether you’re working from home or from the office, your desk is the foundation for success, and the right tools can make all the difference here. Many creative minds no longer work only on the computer, but also resort to a tablet in addition, such as the iPad or Microsoft Surface.


Developed with the community


Since we launched the Setup Cockpit, we have also been offering the Phone Holder for the Setup Cockpit. However, many of the community have used it not only for their smartphone, but also for their tablet. This is exactly what the Setup Cockpit is all about. The modularity and the possibility to assemble and use the attachments according to your needs.


The Tablet Holder

As we are constantly trying to listen to the wishes of the community and develop the Setup Cockpit into the best workspace, we have been working on a dedicated accessory for tablets. The Tablet Holder for the Setup Cockpit is wider and deeper than the Phone Holder, so that larger tablets do not block the view of the monitor, the tablet is held in place securely and the use is more ergonomic. Due to the adapted design, the iPad Holder can now also be rotated to either side, so it can be mounted sideways and can still be aligned with the user.



BALOLO, Tablet Holder, Ipad Holder, Tablet, iPad, Microsoft Surface, Monitor Stand


The tablet is an integral part of the workplace


Whether to create notes, design, present or as an additional screen: A tablet can take on diverse functions in the workplace. To integrate your tablet perfectly in your desk organization, we have developed the Tablet Holder for the Setup Cockpit.



Save space on your desk


With the Tablet Holder you can mount your tablet right in front of you on your Setup Cockpit Monitor Stand and save valuable space on your desk. This desk accessory allows you to use your tablet as an additional screen or to position it ideally for video conferences and presentations without blocking the view of your monitor.



Keep your eyes on what's important


Instead of resting your tablet on the desk and looking down to use it, the new Tablet Holder lets you comfortably face forward so you can work efficiently without straining your neck or back. Keep your eyes on what's most important and never let your creativity and productivity be held back again.



BALOLO, Tablet Holder, Ipad Holder, Tablet, iPad, Microsoft Surface, Monitor Stand


Productivity and design in one


Keep your tablet always within reach and neatly on your workstation. The Tablet Holder not only increases your productivity but is also a real eye-catcher. Its modern design made of powder-coated steel with a matte black finish perfectly matches the Setup Cockpit and visually enhances your workspace. Feel comfortable at your organized desk and make your office your new favorite place.



The dream team


The combination of the Setup Cockpit Monitor Stand and the iPad Holder offers the perfect solution for your workplace. Make your work easier with this innovative duo and don't let clutter stop you anymore.


Get an absolute overview of your work with the Tablet Holder and get started!

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