About the Mag Puck and how it significantly improves your MagSafe charging station

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After Apple apparently eased their users’ everyday life by launching the MagSafe charger and faciliating wireless charging, some disadvantages and hurdles appeared in practice - and this is where the Mag Puck comes into play. But from the beginning:


Wireless charging with magnetic force

balolo Apple MagSafe Wireless qi-Charger Walnut Wood Base Mag Puck

The Apple MagSafe, also known as qi-Charger, is finally here. It doesn’t only charge the Apple flagship, the iPhone 12, but also older versions, such as the iPhone 11 or even the Apple AirPods. Suddenly everything is so much easier, as the process of wireless charging has been enhanced once again. Targeted magnets conveniently dock to the back of your iPhone, ensuring a full battery and a happy user.


So far, so good. Right?

Well, let’s take a closer look. We have the MagSafe’s powerful magnet on one side and a highly polished, sensitive iPhone back on the other. For some of us, the mere idea of this is enough to send a cold shiver down the spine at this very moment. And in fact, the MagSafe doesn’t seem to ensure the safety of your iPhone in every sense. Apart from that: The charger now grabs your smartphone in its full attractive force while you might be working on the laptop and want to check a message. With one hand, this will be impractical because, after all, your iPhone is still in the clutches of your charger. What you need right now? The right holder for your wireless charger, of course.


The most stylish MagSafe charging station you will ever find

balolo Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger Base Mag Puck

With the Mag Puck, you can easily and securely attach your MagSafe wireless charger to any flat surface. No worries about unsuccessful attempts to remove your iPhone or tangled cables. Of course, you can remove your Mag Puck at any time without leaving any residue and reinstall it anywhere else – as often as you want and wherever you want to set up your charging station.

By the way, you also give your eyes a real treat every time they see the masterful combination of nature and technology. Ingenious, isn't it?


Did you know?

balolo Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger Base Mag Puck

Your future favorite product not only has two "nano-suction" pads to keep it from slipping - it's also made of solid American walnut wood in the usual high quality and, like all our products, made in Germany. 

Got curious? Here you can learn more about the Mag Puck. 




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