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Ulrich Esch, better known as @ulresch, is one of the tech influencers that tech enthusiasts should definitely keep in mind on Instagram. What started as a lockdown hobby has quickly become a prime example of minimalist setup photography with recognition value. We spoke with Ulrich and today we're telling you why his desk setup is a true multitasker and what tips he would give you for your home office.


About Uli:

  • Name: Uli Esch
  • Age: 35 Years
  • Profession: Head of Digital Communication
  • On Instagram since: 2012


Everything comes together here: Ulrich's Minimalist but Perfectly Functional Setup


"The biggest challenge was that everything had to fit together perfectly and at the same time not be too complicated. In the best case, I switch from the MacBook to the Xbox in the evening with a flick of my wrist - all without much effort."



Apart from Instagram, his full-time job is in the field of digital communication. A wide variety of tasks need to be handled digitally and as simultaneously as possible.
In order to keep an overview of all the monitors and screens between emails, concept development and meetings, a minimalist, tidy desk has proved particularly useful for Ulrich. In the picture above, you can get your own impression of his unbeatable all-rounder setup: From MacBook to keyboard to HomePod mini, enhanced by the wooden TriPod, everything has its steady place here. While working, he simply stores his work laptop in a space-saving way in the Laptopdock of his Setup Cockpit Monitor Stand and, if necessary, can integrate it into his Laptop Riser in the front, to use it in parallel with his monitor.



The hidden talent also proved to be the Phone Stand for the Setup Cockpit Monitor Stand. As inconspicuous as it may seem at first – it is a must-have for video calls in order to quickly have your hands free.



Once the last meetings and calls are over, Ulrich devotes himself to his passion, tech-photography. In addition to the aspect of functionality, aesthetics are also important in his setup in order to capture and edit his usual impressive snapshots.
If there's still time after all that, his desk setup will be transformed into a gaming station in no time to slowly leave the stress of work behind.


A Part of Setup Design that should not be underestimated: Ergonomics

„I quickly realized that complete days (and evenings) at a desk are a strain on the body that should not be underestimated. So I optimized my setup bit by bit, paying particular attention to ergonomics."



Something that is not infrequently disregarded is the importance of an ergonomic workplace. A wrong posture at work can have fatal health consequences.

To maintain an optimal posture, everything important should take place at eye level. The first step in the right direction is to bring the monitor, the place where emails and the like are sent, into an elevated position. After all, if your line of vision is tilted, your neck will soon be too. With the Setup Cockpit Monitor Stand this is achieved in a rarely aesthetically pleasing way. At the same time, thanks to the modular accessories, you have all other devices at hand at all times.
To support the wrists, it is also advantageous to use a Wrist Rest, so that they do not bend too much when working - because this can also lead to joint pain in the long term. An ergonomic and at the same time absolutely elegant solution for this is provided by Deltahub with their Carpio 2.0 Wrist Rest. 


Finally: Ulrich's 3 Tips for the Home Office Everyday Life

  1. Don't make a difference in your outfit choice between office and home office (This also applies to the sweatpants ;-))
  2. Stick to your usual routines, so you don't always have to change and stay in the flow
  3. Keep your setup tidy and still have everything important at hand 





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