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The Setup that adapts

We believe that a well-organized workplace is the key to productivity. And since organization can be very individual, it was important to us to develop a system that creates the possibility to easily customize the workspace and that's what we've done with our mounting grid. Depending on the individual needs, the Setup Cockpit can be adapted and changed any time. 


Our protected mounting grid is located underneath each Setup Cockpit. It consists of numerous well-placed threaded sockets. Our modular accessories can be attached to these as required. This way the work area can be set up entirely according to the individual needs to maximize productivity. If these needs change over time, the setup can be rearranged with ease. 

The Tray
A true all-round talent is the Tray for the Setup Cockpit. It can be mounted either on the side or in the center under the Setup Cockpit and offers storage space for documents or laptops and tablets up to 13". Smaller items can also easily be stored within reach in the Tray with up to three Catch All Trays. 

The Large Tray
The Large Tray provides even more storage space. It offers a fixed place for MacBooks and laptops up to 16" or for SD cards, pens and other small essentials that can be stored in up to four Catch All Trays.

Laptop Riser
The Laptop Riser is ideal for anyone who wants to work on a laptop while it’s connected to a second screen. The Laptop can be mounted on the side of the Setup Cockpit and rotated up to 25 degrees in both directions. This makes the laptop a true extension of the monitor.

Laptop Dock
The Laptop Dock is a space-saving solution for working with two monitors. It can be mounted on the side or back of the Setup Cockpit and is ideal for using the MacBook when it’s closed.

Headphone Holder
The Headphone Holder always keeps the headphones within reach. It can be mounted anywhere on the Setup Cockpit and protects the headphones with a felt cover on the upper edge.

MagSafe Holder
The MagSafe holder puts the iPhone at the ideal height for FaceTime or video calls while continuing to charge it. The iPhone seems to be floating in the minimalist design and it can be rotated to either side as desired.

With the Smartphone Holder, the phone is positioned within easy reach and at the perfect angle for FaceTime or video calls. The smart cutout on the bottom of the phone stand allows the phone to be charged with a charging cable even while it is placed in the phone holder.

Smart Accessory Holder
The Smart Accessory Holder is the perfect solution to position the small Streamdeck, Loupedeck or other smart gadgets in perfect reach. Thanks to the nano-suction on its surface, all gadgets can be fixed reversibly.

Cable Organizer
The Cable Organizer is the perfect solution to keep all cables that accumulate on a modern desk organized and tucked away. It can be easily attached wherever it’s needed on the mounting grid to hide all the cables and keep them organized.