Catch-All Tray

The all-rounder for every desk.
Organizes a desk's essential items and keeps them accessible.

  • Steady locations to store the personal essentials are the key to order and structure. The catch-all tray provides such a space for storage and creates an orderly overview. Pens, hard drives, adapters or notepads - everything important is within easy reach and can be stowed away just as quickly.

    The catch-all tray has the perfect dimensions for all common pen sizes. For a nice padding, the work essentials are safely stored on vegan felt. On the underside, cork strips provide a secure stand and protect the surface underneath. The pen tray can be used as a practical extension to the SETUP COCKPIT monitor stand. 

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Creates Space for Creativity.

German Engineering

Modern CNC-Technology

Premium Quality

Individually Hand-Finished

The wooden pen tray from balolo® can be used as a versatile desk organizer and desk tray. Everything that needs to be stored on the desk in a space-saving way finds its storage here. A catch-all tray or tray like this is essential for keeping the workspace in the office or home office organized and tidy. With the creation of special filing and organization systems, it is possible to always keep track of important documents, notes, paper and pens and the office organization is automatically improved. To complement this, we also offer a range of other wooden products as desk accessories. 
Premium Quality - Made in Germany.