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Laptop Dock for Setup Cockpit

The Laptop is the center of the Modern Workspace.
We have the most space-saving and at the same time the safest way to store it.

  • The Laptop Dock is mounted on the left or right side of the Setup Cockpit. It’s a space-saving way to store a laptop while it is plugged to a monitor. The Dock puts the device in a vertical position to make more free room on the desk.

    The downward-opening design provides an optimal cooling, while the glued-in strips of vegan felt securely cushion the laptop.

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Keep your Focus

German Engineering

Modern CNC-Technology

Premium Quality

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Cai (Glasgow, GB)
Useful, but only for slim laptops

I use this to hold my Dell Latitude 5420 - it's snugly in there, if anything slightly too small (doesn't go all the way to the bottom). My other computer, a Dell Latidude 5490, is too wide so I store it on one of the large trays. Though the dimensions are well listed and I prepared for this issue, I would suggest having multiple widths of the dock to accomodate more devices.

Chris B. (Jacksonville, US)
Great Holder

I love these desk shelf pilot system. Choosing where to place your items is great!

Elmer (Vancouver, CA)
Best desk accessories.

Very high quality.

Thomas A.
Very high quality

Have found nothing comparable on the market. Unique and great built quality.

Stefan D. (Zurich, CH)
Finally tidied up

Good quality - good decision - good customer service

Diego C. (Mexico City, MX)

Laptop Dock for Setup Cockpit

Thorsten P. (Nuremberg, DE)
Super Teil!

Auch für andere Schreibtische geeignet!