Pen Holder

Organization at its finest.
Warm Walnut Wood, complemented by timeless Steel Elements.

  • The pen holder easily provides more organization on any desk. The combination of black steel and wood effortlessly connects functionality with unique aesthetics. A simple and elegant solution to bring order to the desk and to have pens and pencils always at hand.

    To have pens and pencils nicely padded, the bottom of the pen holder is lined with vegan felt. For a guaranteed safe stand, cork pads are attached to the bottom of the pen holder in the finish. 

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German Engineering

Modern CNC-Technology

Premium Quality

Individually Hand-Finished

The wooden pen holder from balolo® provides stylish storage for pens, pencils and any desk utensils and stationery of the workspace. With real walnut wood and black steel elements, the pen cup impresses with its minimalist design and thus stands out from conventional pen boxes, trays and pen quivers. With such a Desk Organizer creates a tidy desk in a few simple steps - whether in the office or at home in the home office.  
Premium Quality - Made in Germany.