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Michael Soledad

My 2022 Dream Desk Setup | New Desk Shelf + Accessories

"The Setup Cockpit is meant to keep your most used items organized and in reach, freeing up valuable space and making your setup more aesthetically pleasing."

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John Imperial

Desk Setup Accessories That Will Improve Your Productivity

"As an architect, what I like most about the Setup Cockpit is that I can easily change up a workplace and customize it to all individual needs."

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Renz Sadiwa

My Minimalist Desk Setup For Productivity | 2022

"What makes this desk shelf unique from others is that it has different mounting options. This makes it so convenient to have everything by my side just in case I need to access it quickly."

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This Is E

iPad Desk Setup 2022 ft. iPadOS 16

"The Setup Cockpit is not just a desk shelf but rather the HQ for almost all of the desk accessories, elevating the desk setup to a god-level status."

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I love the SETUP COCKPIT! Not only that the quality is really incredible - it's an impressive allrounder on every desk. Visually, but also because of the space it provides.
For me, a must-have!

- Ulrich


It couldn't get any more perfect for all your needs. Not only that but physically it's built quality is incredible! Exactly the wood aesthetic we know and love from balolo.

- Phil


It's not a classical desk shelf like you can see on the actual market! The SETUP COCKPIT allows you to attach different kinds of accessories and stands. It's a smart desk shelf.

- Nicolas


balolo is pushing so much on their wood products. I've always loved them, but this one is a work of art! A sturdy and well finished wood, with care in every detail.

- Cristiano


The SETUP COCKPIT screams quality!
The fact that you can attach accessories at the bottom of the Desk Shelf is a great value.
I really like the clean finish of the wood, it has a nice texture and it’s solid.

- Mattia

TriPod for Apple HomePod mini

Mag Puck for Apple MagSafe


The Mag Puck is an absolute game changer if you like wooden accessories as much as I do. The MagSafe itself really doesn't look that good but man... now it's so beautiful.

- Dimitris


If you're a fan of MagSafe charging like me but a bit bored by that white Apple MagSafe charger, just give him a beautiful wood touch! Elegant and different - what else?

- Nicolas


Super easy to install and holds the MagSafe charger perfectly in place. Stylish yet functional and complements my desk perfectly. By far, one of my favorite wooden accessories.

- Juan


This small piece adds a much better look to the MagSafe charger because of the wooden design. The installation couldn't be easier and thanks to a small hole you can remove it super easily again.

- Tobias

Laptop dock