Back to work: These 5 tips will help you get back on track

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The summer holiday has come to an end, the batteries are recharged and it's time to get back to work. We help you get off to the perfect start and give you 5 helpful tips against the post holiday blues.


 1. Positive Thoughts and Motivation

Sure: The holidays have been nice and over far too quickly. But instead of just focusing on the past, you should look ahead to the new chapter and what exciting opportunities it will bring. Which goals do you want to achieve? How can this be done? Even if there is a challenge or two along the way, this may be exactly the kind of challenge that helps you grow.



2. Create a slow transition

The transition from holiday to everyday work should not be too radical. The end of the working day or the weekend can easily be used as another little holiday. How about an evening out with friends or a trip to the countryside?



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 3. Healthy Habits

Try to build positive habits into your daily routine. These can be active breaks, healthy eating or maybe even a little exercise after work. However, the basics like getting enough sleep and rest also make a big difference.



4. Make a Plan

Use the first day of work to get an overview of the upcoming tasks for the next few weeks and make a plan. This way you don't have to think about it for a long time on each new day and you can get started right away in a structured way.



 5. Tidy up your Desk

A tidy desk creates a clear head for more creativity and great visions. And if you just want to get through the day without getting frustrated, you'll certainly do yourself a big favour by tidying up your desk a bit more. The laptop is safely stored in the Laptop Dock, the headphones spend their break on the Headphone Stand and everything else is always within reach in the Catchall-Tray.


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So you see: Keeping your desk tidy has never been easier. With a clean setup, motivation and a personal master plan, you'll be right back in the flow and ready to go. So come on, what are you waiting for?



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