The Streamline Collection


Last year, our SETUP COCKPIT Serie series was launched. The response was and still is overwhelming. The thought of having helped numerous people with a tidy and functional desk has inspired us to new projects. The goal was to meet even more demands and to create added value with a stylish and functional desk. The result is a new Collection of desk equipment that organizes and furnishes the desk. Here is the Streamline Collection


The Design



With the Streamline Collection we have created a series of desk organizers without compromises. It has a high-quality finish and comes uniformly in satin powder-coated steel and walnut wood. Every single piece fits together visually and functionally and together with the other balolo products, it forms the perfect minimalist workspace.


Creating a base for creative work



The literal basis for more structure at the workspace is a high-quality desk pad. It clearly separates the work zone from the rest of the area. At the same time, it is the universal pad for keyboard and computer mouse. The collection's Desk Pad works with all popular laser mice, including the Apple Magic Mouse. Last but not least, a natural material like wool felt makes work feel more comfortable when the working tools and even your hands rest gently on it.


The right place for laptop and headphones


Image Credits: @leokellr

Larger devices can take up a lot of space in the setup. This causes clutter and is simply wasted space in that you could be freed instead.

If the laptop is connected to a screen and the headphones are not in use at the moment, exactly this case occurs quickly. Nevertheless, they should not be completely out of reach. For this very reason, both a Laptop Dock and a Headphone Stand are part of the collection.


Fixed storage locations for pens, adapters and co.



Monitors and all important work tools have now found their place thanks to Setup Cockpit and the Desk Organizer of the Streamline Collection.
To round off the perfectly organized workspace, pens, adapters and all the smaller parts of the desk have a fixed storage place for more clarity with the Catch-All Tray and the Pencil Holder.

The result is a stylishly furnished workspace that is aligned in terms of organization and design.



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