Desk Organization meets minimalist design

balolo Catchall Tray fach für Schreibtisch Schreibtischorganisation Stiftehalter Stiftebecher aufgeräumter Schreibtisch



So far, the focus of our products on being able to store and use the devices of the work setup even better. In everyday life, however, there is of course much more on the desk than Laptop, monitor, smartphone and Co. Often it is the small things, such as pens, keys, USB sticks and adapters that make the desk look disorganized. 

From now on, we're keeping desks tidy with our Desk Collection.


The Catch-All provides more storage space


balolo Stiftablage Catchall Tray aus Holz Fach Schreibtischaufbewahrung für mehr Ordnung auf dem Schreibtisch


Fixed storage locations for all important desk utensils are the important for a tidy desk and a clear mind. Everything is organized in its place and ready to hand at any time for immediate use. 

The Catch-all Tray creates such a place. With enough storage space for pens, adapters, notepads and charging cables, it is exactly the desk organizer that should be on every desk. From now on, there will be more time for creative ideas while working.


An Extension of the Setup Cockpit

The Setup Cockpit Monitor Stand enables a tidy and organized desk for creative work from. The pen tray starts exactly there and improves the newly created organization even more. It can be stored under the monitor stand at any time and used as a flexible storage surface.

 Those who have decided to add a Tray to their setup cockpit can also rejoice. Up to three catch-all trays fit in here and provide additional organization.


Moderne Pen storage


Stifthalter aus Holz von balolo zur Stiftaufbewahrung von Kugelschreibern und Stiften auf dem Schreibtisch in Büro und Homeoffice


Small desk utensils like pens are always in the way, but never at hand when they are needed. The Pen Holder provides a remedy when it matters. When a quick note needs to be made, no more wasting a second searching and more time for the essentials.


Design and concept 


Schreibtischausstattung aus Holz von balolo zur Aufbewahrung von Stiften Kugelschreibern Adaptern und Schreibwaren Catchall Tray Fach Stauraum Organizer Stiftehalter


The Catch-All Tray and the Pen Holder come in straight black steel and walnut wood. Together with the vegan felt inside, they create a minimalist and secure storage option.


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