The new Laptop Dock

Schreibtisch Setup mit balolo Setup Cockpit Monitorständer aus Holz und Laptophalterung mit Apple Macbook Pro 14 und Apple Mouse


The laptop is the driving force of many workplaces. For this reason, it should be properly stored according to the own requirements. If the laptop or notebook is often plugged to the monitor, the new Laptop Dock is the easiest and most beautiful way to store it.


Secure Stand



The dock is made of walnut wood and 3mm thick steel, which makes it solid yet classy. Rounded off with cork strips, the holder has a secure stand to quickly and safely accommodate the laptop even with one hand.


Thoughtful design down to the last detail


Schreibtisch Arbeitsbereich mit Laptophalterung Laptop Dock aus Holz von balolo



The steel holder has an upward extended opening for the laptop, which makes docking and undocking much easier. Wool felt as a natural material provides inside the dock to protect the surface. The design is rounded off by the opening at the bottom, which supports unobstructed cooling of the laptop.  




 Detailaufnahme von Laptop Dock aus Holz von balolo mit braunem Nussbaumholz und schwarzem Stahl mit echtem Wollfilz


The laptop dock has room for laptops up to 1.7 cm thickness. This makes it suitable for a wide range of today's popular devices. Among them, of course, all MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs after 2016, up to the latest devices. There's also room for popular Windows devices, such as the Micosoft Surface Laptop, the ASUS ZenBook, or the Lenovo Thinkpad etc.


How you need it 

The mount stores the laptop exactly where it is best in your personal setup. Matching our other products, this one also features our signature logo. If that doesn't match your setup, you'll find the other side of the dock completely blank and unbranded. 

Furthermore, a setup is always 'work in progress'. The Laptop Dock can also be used as a storage place for e.g. an iPad.


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