Why you should consider a Laptop Stand for Home Office Work

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In times of home- and tele-working, where one's own workplace is no longer necessarily tied to a fixed location, most of us have now finally been confronted with an issue: How do I create a productive workspace at home? And what do I have to consider here? Some lessons will probably only be learned after the first experience has been gained. For example, how work equipment such as a laptop can be intelligently and, above all, ergonomically accommodated while working at home.


Ergonomics: Height and Alignment are crucial

A too low position of the laptop display is not only a hindrance for the perspective from which the work colleagues get to see you during online meetings. Anyone who keeps their gaze in the lower half of the field of vision for hours, will inevitably find themselves sitting in a hunched position at the end of the day. So if you want to keep your health and productivity on a high level, you should do the same with your body posture.


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An elevated position of the laptop „forces“ you to shift your line of vision upwards and thus improves your posture. The tilt angle of the keyboard is also important here, so that it is always easily accessible and at the same time the wrists are relieved in the long term. This can be achieved, for example, with an appropriate laptop holder.


Monitors as an extension of the workspace

But perhaps working with the laptop alone is not enough. Some prefer to connect the laptop to one or more monitors to provide a better overview. In doing so, it initially makes sense to bring these to an ergonomic height as well. However, so that theclosed laptop does not become an obstacle on the desk, it should be stored as space-savingly as possible and yet always in reach. In order to get as much as possible out of the available work surface, a vertical alignment dof the device in reachable proximity is recommended here. to ensure that the laptop is safely stowed away, stability, value and padding should definitely be considered when choosing a suitable Laptop Dock. After all, each of us wants to know his device safe from scratches and other damage.



In order to ensure a workspace that is conducive to well-being and creative work within one's own home, investments should be made in supportive equipment and thus in one's own health. The basic focus here should be on ergonomics and the right organization.


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