Monitorerhöhung aus Holz für Büro und Homeoffice, ergonomisches Arbeiten, Monitorständer für den Schreibtisch, Schreibtisch Regal zur Schreibtischausstattung und Schreibtisch Organisation

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After 10 years of passionately designing and manufacturing high-quality premium wooden products, we could draw a conclusion for us. Find out here what matters to us when developing new desk tools and what we personally demand from our work setup.



Our number one goal for our products is to consciously address the creative minds out there, to solve problems and make everyday life easier. It is not uncommon for products we release to be based on our own experience or customer feedback


Balolo Tripod Holzständer für Apple HomePod mini, Schreibtisch Monitorerhöhung Monitorständer mit Fach zur Schreibtisch Organisation, Büro und Home-Office, Kopfhörerständer, Headset Ständer, Schreibtisch Regal aus Nussbaumholz

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Products, supporting you and your workflow

Wireless charging with the Apple MagSafe is a tremendous relief. However, freeing the iPhone from the wireless charger with one hand works much better with the Mag Puck

Working with two monitors and a laptop is made easier with the Setup Cockpit and the matching Laptop Stand , making it comfortable and carefree.


These are all work situations that we ourselves have been confronted with in our office and have thus been able to optimize. In addition, we regularly receive exciting suggestions for improvement from our customers, which we incorporate into our further development.


Minimalist design that enables creativity

When choosing the right desk equipment, you have always had to make compromises. Laptop holders, trays, desk shelves and the like are often functional, but visually unappealing. Once you have found a stylish product, it again does not fit with the rest or it is simply poorly made. Thanks to the desk utensils from balolo®, this is now a thing of the past.


Aufgeräumter Schreibtisch Büro und Home Office, Monitorerhöhung aus Holz, Monitorunterbau, Monitor Stand, zwei Monitore, Ultrawide Monitor

Image Credits: @ulresch


We put an end to compromises

Therefore, in the development of our products, it is our claim to combine functionality, design and quality. Thanks to the minimalist design, each of our products can be combined with the other and creates a coherent overall setup. The result is a perfectly organized and ergonomic workplace in a uniform style.

The production takes place with sustainable materials in Germany, so we have control over all production steps and the quality and you get a durable and high quality product.


Our Mission

Since 2012, we have been using this principle to create desk accessories from natural materials that support the creative workflow and adapt to individual needs. And one thing is for sure: Our mission to take your desk to a new level is far from over.


Got curious? For sure, there are suitable desk accessories that perfectly fit your individual desk!



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