Premium Wooden Products - Combining Design and Sustainability


Quality wooden products not only enhance the look of any desk - adding wooden desk accessories to your Work Setup is usually an environmentally friendly and sustainable decision. Provided that a few basic conditions are right.
Find out here how you can do the environment a favor by choosing a balolo® product.


Regional Production in Germany



All balolo® products are designed in a small studio in Cologne and manufactured regionally in Germany. The own production allows us not only a better quality control from the materials to the finished wooden accessories, but also benefits the environment. In this way, long transport routes are avoided and fossil raw materials are saved.


An environmentally friendly works space



Nowadays there are a lot of desk utensils made of plastic available on the market. Be it various desk organization systems, trays, but also Laptop Stands or Phone Stand. Many of them may look fancy, but from a sustainability perspective, they make less sense.


Wood as a sustainable material according to the 'Cradle to Cradle' principle

Wood is, in the right quality, a material which is known for its resistance and durability. It is a natural raw material that can be completely biodegraded and thus returned to the biological cycle.



Wooden desk accessories such as the Setup Cockpit or the Mag Puck are therefore purchases for eternity and also help to protect the environment.


Plastic-free packaging

Before shipping, each product is inspected by hand and packaged plastic-free. This is how we relentlessly pursue our mission to create durable desk accessories that combine functionality and minimalist design with environmental protection and sustainability.


Small steps to achieving our common goal



Environmental protection is a big and complex topic, no question. Nevertheless, with small but conscious decisions such as the choice of sustainable desk accessories, it is possible to make a certain commitment. At the same time, we are constantly working on improving our sustainability performance. That way, together with you, we can get closer to our common goal day by day and already think about the world of tomorrow.


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