Redesigning the Tray for the Setup Cockpit

Schreibtisch Fach Ablage Organisationssystem Papierablage Monitorerhöhung aus Holz


The Tray is probably one of the most versatile Add-Ons for the Setup Cockpit. It creates a fixed storage place for everything that’s likely to clutter the desk. All those desk utensils can be quickly hidden away and just as quickly retrieved.
With the new, improved design, the compartment has become even more versatile.



What has remained


High quality manufacturing in Germany

As usual, the new tray comes in high quality and is manufactured in Germany. Material and dimensions have also remained the same.



Open Design

We have also kept the design that opens to the back: Cables can be routed to the back, while a tab keeps everything else from slipping out.
Even back then, the tray was the all-rounder among the modular accessories.



What's new


Home Office Büro Schreibtisch ergonomisches Arbeiten Fach Ablage Dokumentenablage Catchall Tray Schreibtisch Fach Aufsatz


Padded interior

The interior of the new tray is lined with vegan felt. This means that even technology with sensitive surfaces can be quickly stowed away without hesitation.



Laptop Halter Aufbewahrung Fach Schreibtisch Monitorerhöhung aus Holz Organisierter Schreibtisch im Büro und Homeoffice


Open sides

The open design is now even smarter: The sides of the tray have slits. The open sides make it possible to accommodate plugged-in laptops, iPads and other devices. The cables can simply be routed through the cutouts. This supports the cable management not only to the back, but also to the side.


With these few but thoughtful changes, the tray is even more versatile to use and makes everyday work easier.



Also fits a Laptop


Fach Tray Catchall Schreibtischablage Aufsatz Organisationssystem Laptop MacBook Monitor Stand Desk Shelf



Thanks to the padding, laptops can also be stored safely. The dimensions of the compartment are ideal for all laptops up to 14". Of course, this includes the latest devices, such as the new MacBook Pro 2021, the MacBook Air or popular Windows laptops such as the Microsoft Surface Laptop or the Lenovo Thinkpad.



Keep your desk tidy

If you also want to bring your desk to the next level, you should definitely take a closer look at the Setup Cockpit, the Tray and also the other add-ons.



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