About the new MagSafe Stand for the Setup Cockpit


Our collection of Setup Cockpit Accessories has grown: From now on, our modular Monitor Stand can be extended with a practical MagSafe holder. We’ll tell you everything about our design considerations and what makes it so special.


Design Considerations


MagSafe Halter MagSafe Mount Halterung Stand für Apple Wireless Charger


Your needs are our mission

As we already explained in our post on designing new products, it's important to us to incorporate community feedback into our design considerations. Together with our own ideas, we want to use it to create products that deliver added value.

After we celebrated the big release of our Setup Cockpit and the modular accessories with you, we have already started the development of further add-on parts. Our goal is to further optimize the workflow and the interaction of all work essentials.


The most convenient Phone Stand

A vision that has never left our mind: The comfort of our des Phone Stand, extended by the possibility of wireless charging of the iPhone. After exactly this wish was expressed several times by the balolo community, we wanted to put this idea into practice immediately.


Charging with magnetic force has never been more comfortable


Apple MagSafe Mount Halter für den Schreibtisch iPhone 12 iPhone 13 Wireless Charging


The result of these design considerations is a modular mount for the Apple MagSafe, which can be added on the setup cockpit's mounting grid with ease. The wireless charger is then simply inserted into the stand. For a perfect fit, the charger is surrounded by a silicone ring. A smart cutout additionally supports a structured cable management.

After these few steps, any QI device, such as the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, can be used at a comfortable angle. The MagSafe Stand is also easily compatible with the popular MagSafe cases.


Endless possibilities for use in portrait and landscape mode


Kabellos Laden Magnet MagSafe Case Apple Charger Ladegerät Docking station


To make all this even more convenient, the MagSafe holder can be pushed back and forth. This means that the smartphone can be used at the optimum operating angle and can be flexibly rotated and swiveled. The phone can therefore be used optimally in both portrait and landscape format. The MagSafe holder is thus suitable as a practical MagSafe charging station for FaceTime calls or video streaming.



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