The Mag Puck: What's new


The Mag Puck has become one of our classics. It turns the Apple MagSafe Charger into a convenient charging station and upgrades it visually at the same time. Until now, the clean Apple design of the wireless charger was complemented by dark walnut wood. However, here's something new: Like our TriPod and the Setup Cockpit, the Mag Puck is now also available with light oak wood.


Apple MagSafe – How does that work?


Wireless charging with magnetic force - That sounds complicated at first. But when you put it down to the essentials, it's quite simple: Newer Apple products, such as the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 model series, can be charged with the Apple MagSafe Charger. All these devices have a magnetic ring on their back. This positions the smartphone reliably and precisely on the metal frame of the charger. The magnetic force keeps the smartphone reliably in place and charged.

Alternatively, there are additional MagSafe cases that also have a magnetic ring and create the desired effect. Apple also works with magnetic force in the power adapters of some MacBooks to keep the plug in position.


Der Mag Puck: What has remained



Design and functionality

With the MagSafe charger, the iPhone can be charged wirelessly. This is even further simplified by the Mag Puck. With a so-called Nano Suction Pad on the bottom, it is attached to any even surface. The MagSafe Charger is simply inserted into the Mag Puck. The result is a firm base for the charger without slipping. Along the way, it is visually enhanced and becomes a unique eye-catcher.


What's new



The Mag Puck in a light oak wood

Our products are as individual and versatile as our community. So that the Mag Puck can be even more versatile in different desk setups, you now have the choice: dark walnut or light oak. Again, there are no rules or limits when it comes to combining. No matter if light or dark setup: The Mag Puck can be combined limitlessly in both variants. Even light wood can become an eye-catcher in dark surroundings.


You have the choice



Now it's up to you: What does your perfect MagSafe charging station look like? To help you decide, you can take another look at both variants here.


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