Brings more comfort to the desk: Our Desk Pad


Anyone who regularly spends long working days in the office or Homeoffice knows that it pays off to invest in good desk equipment. Especially in terms of ergonomics, you can do yourself a big favor with the right desk and a monitor stand.
What is quickly forgotten is the right desk pad. Here you can find out why you should look for the right product here, too.



More Comfort

A long day at the desk is not only a challenge for the head and back. If hands are left unpadded on the desk for too long, pressure points and numbness are often the result. A Desk Pad made of a naturally comfortable material such as wool felt creates a pleasant cushioning here. The surface is soft yet durable.

 If you want to further improve the ergonomics of your wrists, you should also pay attention to the correct position. A slight elevation prevents numbness and possible pain in the hands and fingers. A wrist rest such as the one from DeltaHub, is often helpful here.




A good Desk Pad creates a clearly separated work zone for more order and clarity. Our Desk Pad has an optimal width, so that it can also be used as a mouse pad as well. The texture ensures that laser computer mice, such as the Apple mouse, work without any problems.

The result is a uniform workspace with a universal pad instead of countless pads and coasters. In an anthracite mottled finish with no distracting logo patches, it blends into any desk setup.


Stays in place



A convenient latex coating on the underside of the Desk Pad keeps it from slipping. After all, you have better things to do than constantly adjust your pad. That leaves more time to put creative ideas and visions into action.




Real wool felt is used for the Desk Pad as a natural and durable material. This is pleasant in comfort and particularly environmentally friendly. So even when choosing a desk pad, a sustainable statement can be made. A product made from natural materials means a long-term investment in the future and away from countless disposable products.




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