Setup Cockpit Monitor Stand Large

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Material: American Walnut
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The Cockpit

The BALOLO® Setup Cockpit.

The BALOLO® Setup Cockpit is a modern monitor stand, elevating up to two screens to an ergonomic height and creating the perfect combination out of functionality and aesthetics. Manufactured in a minimalist design, the desk shelf immediately becomes the centerpiece of every desk setup and takes structure and organization to a new level.


45 x 9.1 x 4.7 in. / 114 x 23 x 12 cm

Height underneath the Setup Cockpit:

3.9 in. / 10 cm


6.6 lbs / 3.8kg


50 lbs / 25kg (when distributed evenly)


American Walnut Wood / Oak Wood / Black Stained Oak Wood, Birchwood, feet made from mdf wood, covered with a semi-gloss finish

Manufactured in:


Manufactured in Germany

Modular Design

Patent Pending Technology

Worldwide Shipping

Premium Quality

Experience your screen on eye-level.

Experience your screen on eye-level.

Our monitor riser is precisely crafted to give you a special user experience. In addition, the next time you look at your monitor, the pleasure will be much greater. Turn your screen into a unique piece and experience a new feeling with the customizable monitor stand Setup Cockpit.

Mounting Grid.

With a selection of modular Accessories, the Setup Cockpit can be extended to the everchanging, personal needs. Those accessories are mounted to the patent pending mounting grid and provide a convenient interaction between laptop, smartphone, headphones and more. For that extra bit of support for multiple or particularly heavy monitors, the optional support foot can be mounted centrally on the back of the mounting grid.

Premium Quality.

Premium Quality.

The monitor stand is made of real wood in Germany by master carpenters and sealed with natural waxes and oils.

BALOLO, Catch All Tray, Stiftablage, Pen Holder, Pen Tray, Desk Setup, Desk Accessories

Make it yours.

Whether it's a highly productive Excel workstation or the dream setup for gamers. You can equip the Setup Cockpit with the modular accessories as you need it.

BALOLO, Setup Cockpit Medium, Monitor Stand, Desk Shelf, Desk Setup


Each piece is unique. This is not an empty phrase, but a statement. The Setup Cockpit is manufactured with CNC precision and craftsmanship. If everything is right, a numbered stainless steel plaque is embedded before delivery.

Exactly the way it was done back then.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Setup Cockpit? You will find the answer in our FAQ. Your question is not listed? Then contact us here. We are happy to help you.

Our customer support is available from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm CET.

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Customer Reviews

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Ramon M.F. (Alicante, ES)
Great product

I am delighted with my purchase. The design and quality of the products is very good! I saw the product advertisement on social media (Instagram) and placed the order. It took 2 weeks but it's incredible. I recommend it.

Bruno S. (Menteroda, DE)
Sehr gutes Produkt

Der sehr gute und einfach zu zusammen zu bauenden Monitorständer macht sich im Büro sehr und bietet ergänzend mehr Platz auf dem Schreibtisch. Dieser wirkt dadurch wesentlich aufgeräumter.

Carlos B.R. (Madrid, ES)
Great product

I am delighted with my purchase. The design and quality of the products is awesome!

Petr R. (Haarlem, NL)
Exceptional quality, looks great on the desk

My work desk just got an upgrade! It was a pleasure to unpack and assemble the cockpit, it's well thought out and feels like a very high quality product. The accessories are very useful and easy to attach.

Johnny R. (The Villages, US)

These products helps me get the setup I was looking for, less clutter but more space at the same time. Tried numerous products, while good, none got the job done as well as the Setup Cockpit, Large Tray and Laptop Riser. These are quality products. Wish I came across this before I spent money on the other things I tried to use to achieve this setup.

Lucas D. (Lille, FR)
Incredible quality

The Build quality is incredible, even better than I expected.
Love the modularity too and the attention to detail, even the packaging is delightful and eco-responsible.
Great work Balolo, will buy again from you for sure!

Daan K. (Antwerp, BE)
Quality product

Quality product with detailed workmanship. I love the engraving at the bottom! It makes the product unique.